Trees in haze

Simone Westphal

2011, Painting
Pulp painting with mulberry tree fibers

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Work details

„Trees in haze“
by Simone Westphal

Medium: Pulp painting with mulberry tree fibers

Size: 70cm x 50cm

In addition: Framed, in a clear acrylic frame, double glazed, screwed together

Simone Westphal

Simone Westphal

Simone Westphal (1971, Trier, DE) mostly captures natural snapshots in her pictures. Her subjects are strongly influenced by her environment. Scenes of a city, people and landscapes. Often it is seconds of an everyday scene that you see. While Simone Westphal's paintings were previously strongly characterized by realism and naturalness, the artist's focus in her new works is now more on the abstraction of her image motives. Atmosphere and impressions are becoming increasingly important. By paying more attention to the colouring in her oil-on-canvas works, Westphal impressively captures the moods of moments.

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