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Our Mission

Welcome to our online art gallery weartberlin!

Art fascinates! Art inspires! Art adds personal touch!
The Berlin based gallery weartberlin launched in 2014 by Katrin Kleist presents trendsetting and promising positions of Berlin's art scene to you online. You can find carefully curated contemporary art that you cannot resist! We offer artworks at attractive prices, for rent or to buy according to your wishes. It’s your choice! For private collectors and companies: Art available directly online per order.

✓ contemporary art in original

✓ carefully curated artworks by emerging artists

✓ art from Berlin's art scene

✓ art to buy or to rent

✓ online available for order

Our concept is to provide sophisticated contemporary art for rent and to buy. Whether paintings, photography or sculptures - at weartberlin you will be fascinated by a wide range of high-quality originals. Discover your artwork of desire under a great variety of carefully selected works by emerging artists and order directly online!

weartberlin represents an opportunity to young collectors! No matter whether you regularly visit galleries or you toy with the idea of buying art for the first time. weartberlin welcomes all people interested in art: long-time art collectors as well as art lovers who are passionate about art and newcomers in the art market. With our gallery platform we drive forward innovative approaches of an emerging art collectors generation buying art also online.


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Our Philosophy

Our company is located centrally in the heart of Berlin, the startup metropolis and creative city. We are based and operate in close proximity to Berlin’s art scene and in direct surrounding of the artist’s studios and production sites as well as the art market and Berlin’s galleries. As part of that network we represent original art by outstanding artists.

Share the passion for art with us! weartberlin will surprise and fascinate you. Our online gallery offers more than just a webshop for contemporary art: weartberlin serves as extensive information portal for people interested in art. Besides selected artworks provided at our webshop we also introduce the curated artists in detailed profiles. We tell you why these artists and their art inspire us. We would like to encourage art lovers and also young collectors and people who are new in the art market to discover the art market.

✓ your source of inspiration

✓ art direct from the studio

✓ for long-time, experienced and also young private collectors

✓ individual personal atmosphere

✓ image enhancing for companies

weartberlin is your source of inspiration for discovering and finding contemporary art from Berlin. We provide inspiration with our articles about art events, art fairs, exhibitions, art critics or collectors.

Increase the attention by your customers and improve the image of your company with art! Our unique artworks by excellent artists are giving your walls its individual personality and its very special charm. With art you will create an atmosphere in your home or a representative ambience in your office, your medical practice, hotel or law office.


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Our Service

With art rental weartberlin offers the unique opportunity to enjoy original art changed on a regular basis. Or did the artwork grow dear to your heart and you want to keep it? No problem. You can acquire the art by hire purchase. We will credit almost 100% of the rental rates against the purchase price.

✓ purchase, art rental or hire purchase

✓ original art changed on a regular basis

✓ excellent implementation

✓ specialized art transport services

✓ covered by an all-risk insurance

✓ return transport inclusive

✓ We would be happy to advise you!

Our service-claim of providing art for rent and for sale is to stand by our customers during the complete processing and handling.

The objects will be professionally packaged, delivered and ideally placed. In this regard weartberlin takes particular care to ensure an excellent implementation and a smooth flow and cooperates with strong partners specialized in art transport and art insurance. While transport and during the entire rental the exhibits are fully covered by an all-risk insurance. Once the rental period has expired the artworks will be collected for the return transport and can be replaced easily.

As you can surely excellently argue about taste, we will be glad to help you to find your artwork of desire. We would be happy to advise you personally on-site with the selection of the appropriate artwork especially for your spaces. Upon request, we will also provide you commissioned works. Just get in contact with us.



Entrepreneur and Partners


weartberlin about | Profile | Founder

Katrin Kleist, Founder, Managing Director and Gallerist,

is curator and loves the startup and art capital Berlin. She developed the concept for weartberlin and is in charge for the online art platform. Katrin Kleist graduated in business administration at Freie Universität Berlin and is using her fundamental long-time experience in managing projects and strategic business partnerships to design and implement the online platform’s processes. To promote established and emerging artists of Berlin's art scene is as well her passion as being art advisor. Via the platform weartberlin the founder wants to relate artists and art lovers to each other. Katrin Kleist helps people interested in art to discover the joy of collecting art.

“Art opens up fascinating discourses in our everyday world. Art provides wide range possibilities to leave common views on politics or our organized society aside while introducing new perspectives and opportunities to interpret the environment in a new way.”



weartberlin profile about | Partner

Svenja Zimpel, Freelance Curator,

lives in Hamburg and is „having a suitcase in Berlin“. Her roots originate from her passion for fashion design. Svenja Zimpel knows many fashion labels also from the inside and as expert for fashion exhibitions her second pillar is art. In her eyes she considers art as big sister of fashion. Her idols are Diana Vreeland and Elsa Schiaparelli and just as varied are the projects Svenja is working in. These range from fashion exhibitions to presenting other cultures and their artists. For weartberlin Svenja Zimpel searches for new and exciting artistic personalities and presents them on the platform.



weartberlin about | Partner | Public Relations

Iris Braun, Free Journalist,

lives in Berlin and frequently writes for the important city magazines Tip and Zitty about her favourite topics art and architecture. For weartberlin Iris is activ in public relations, reports about the art scene and does what she loves most about her job: going into artist's studios and finding out what drives the artists and what makes their work unique.



weartberlin about | Partner | Photographer

Michael Mortlock, Photographer and Film Producer,

is native Australian from Sydney and loves the international and Berlin art and music scene. As passionate photographer and filmmaker Michael founded Mortlock Photography & Media and portraits many musicians and is making music videos in which he is responsible for direction and editing. Image videos about a Berlin-based trend hairdresser or a vegan health food café also belong to Michael’s portfolio. For weartberlin he is responsible for image photographs as well as for videos that portrait artists and the weartberlin process. You will find more about Michael Mortlock on his website http://mortlock.de/



weartberlin about | Partner | Editor

Anne Langert, Editor, Artist Portraits,

loves photography and writing. For a long time Anne Langert was permanent photographer and editor for a Berlin-based publisher until last year when she decided to capture the freelance market as text and picture editor. Her own column at a weekly newspaper of the Berlin publishing house, regular articles in the regional journal as well belong to her wide-range portfolio as project related jobs like to set up image broshures and communication and PR-concepts. At weartberlin she gives her passion for Berlin’s art scene a face when portraying the artists.