Old Sunlight Fold

Lali Torma

2019, Drawing
Kalligraphie- und Zeichentusche auf Fabriano Papier


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Work details

„Old Sunlight Fold“
by Lali Torma

Medium: Kalligraphie- und Zeichentusche auf Fabriano Papier

Size: 70cm x 50cm

In addition: Rahmung auf Anfrage, Zeichnung gerahmt in einem weißen Objektrahmen (80 x 60 cm)

Lali Torma

Lali Torma

The female artist views the surface as the softest external presentation of an inner state. Lali Torma loves to explore the subconscious in particular with regard to her art creating process. While she composes paintings and drawings, Torma searches for a connection to her subconscious and generates surfaces by repeated movements. This intuitive approach results in the unique and distinctive aesthetics of her artworks which are characterised by a multidimensional nature and are marked by rich colors and powerful patterns. In her art, freedom of movement is very important for Lali Torma. Her artworks are imaginary universes. Affected by landscapes, urban moods, science fiction, geometry and mathematics the female artist creates unique new worlds in her abstract compositions in which she invites the viewer to immerse and to explore without restraint. With the selection of colors and the special way of applying the paint Lali Torma plays with the perception of lines and space. In a quick sequence, the artist transforms her emotions into forms and structures right on the canvas.

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